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Chordata Phylum: The Pig

Phylum Characteristics

Phylum Characteristics
Phylum Unique Physiology
Phylum Lifestyle
Pig's Characteristics
Pig's Anatomy
Pig's Unique Physiology
Pig's Lifestyle
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~Chordata Phylum Characteristics~

The notochord is a rod-like, skeletal structure dorsal to the gut tube and ventral to the nerve cord. The notochord appears in the embryo and is a very important structure in developing when getting older. In a lot of the adults, the notochord either disappears or becomes highly modified. (Chordata)
The nerve cord develops dorsally in the body as a hollow tube above the notochord. It connects with the spinal cord and brain to be a central nervous system. (Chordata)
The Pharyngeal slits are little slits which water and food is taken into the pharynx, or throat. (Chordata)