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Chordata Phylum: The Pig

Pig's Lifestyle

Phylum Characteristics
Phylum Unique Physiology
Phylum Lifestyle
Pig's Characteristics
Pig's Anatomy
Pig's Unique Physiology
Pig's Lifestyle
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Pictures of Dissection
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Pigs are found in many places. One of the biggest places you can see a pig is on a farm. Farmers take care of pigs then butcher them for meat. Pigs are also found in other plantations, from alpine tundra , tropical forests, savannas, and swamps. Pigs love wet places, especially in the mud. Mud bathing is one of their favorites, the mud protects them from sunburn and cools them off. (Pigs)

Pigs are omnivorous animals. Most of the foods consumed by pigs are plants. Pigs also eat nuts, seeds, and fruits that may be found on the ground. (Pigs)

Pigs biggest predators are humans. We use pigs for the meat we eat. (Pigs)