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Chordata Phylum: The Pig

Pig's Characteristics

Phylum Characteristics
Phylum Unique Physiology
Phylum Lifestyle
Pig's Characteristics
Pig's Anatomy
Pig's Unique Physiology
Pig's Lifestyle
My Drawing
Pictures of Dissection
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Pigs are very, very similar to the human body. Pigs have a large head, with a long, cone-shaped snout, small eyes, long ears, a short neck, small legs, and a big body. Pigs have mammory glands, like for breast feeding. Pigs have a very tough skin and it may have hair, depending on species. The largest pigs can weigh more than 660 lb. Pigs have very good hearing and smell, but poor sight. You will find a lot of these pigs on farms. Pigs are butchered for food that we eat. Pigs also come in many different colors. (Pigs)